October 28, 2008

What I do When I not Sleeping

The reason I like my work is also the reason I hate my work sometimes - I just do so many different things; often at the same time. You know those pianists of keyboard players who play two keyboards - well there are days when I want to set up my laptop next to my pc... no that's just as crazy as Palin!

Some of the stories/articles I've written in the past ten days:

Volunteer Tourism in Colorado Build Trails and Protect the Eco-system in the Rocky Mountains

Profile: Mia Michaels Modern Dance Choreographer, Teacher and Dancer

Red Flanders Poppies in Queensland Red November in Glen Aplin in Australia's Granite Belt

An article on Carpet Cleaning for my client AFM Cleantech.

Some profiles and a media release for Tradepoint.

Two book reviews for Africansway.

I've probably left out some but it's quite strange that I think that I don't do much writing. I always feel that I send more time building websites or optimizing them or taking pictures.

But this is probably not much of a blog post but it has been an interesting exercise for me to see what I do. Also it may be handy one day when I go completely crazy for people to be able to see why?

October 8, 2008

A Dance in Time at the 2010 Stadium in Durban

I've been watching the 2010 Moses Mabidha Stadium and documenting it from before the fist pick dug into that soil. I love awesome structures and I know this one is going to be one of them. While the rest of the world holds its breath to see whether Africa can pull of the FIFA World Football Cup in 2010, we, here in South Africa just shrug and carry on with life - we know we can do it.

Anyway, yesterday I received my friend's latest novel, A Dance in Time. I had the book with me when I was taking the pictures of the 2010 Stadium. So, I thought I'd just show Aine the book had arrived in Durban.

Aine is a really, really good Irish writer who writes under the name of Orna Ross. I couldn't wait to get stuck into this book because I read her first novel, Lover's Hollow two years ago in Dublin, when I spent a month there, taking writing lessons from her.

I also watched the last World Cup in Ireland. As a beer drinking South African I had a really good time in the pubs all around Ireland watching football with the locals, especially as none of us had a dog in the fight - now if it were rugby, that might have been another story...

I started reading A Dance in Time last night and I know it is going to be hard to do any work this week - I just want to get back to to the book.

And the 2010 Stadium, well I'll keep driving past it to record the progress.

For more pics of the Moses Mabidha Stadium, check my flickr pages