February 28, 2007

Mobile Video - are we ready for it?

We haven't really caught on to Youtube yet in South Africa, so are we ready for mobile video? I know we have the technology, maybe we just don't like sharing things very much or maybe we are still used to meeting in real life situations not in virtual communities.

Well moblr.com is growing fast and anyone in the communications industry - that is PR and marketing people only ignore these fact of life at their peril. It is like ringtones and screensavers for cellphones - why haven't marketers used them more?

Have a look at http://www.moblr.com/web.html and you'll see what I mean. Is this Web 3.0?

Starting with Mothers

Kicking off with a blog is not like starting to knit a jersey (not that I ever have) or attempting to climb a mountain (ditto). You get the feeling that it has to be just right or else everything is going to be wrong for ever.

Although this is supposed to be a business blog, related to the protocol , pr, media and cultural matters we deal with on the protocolinpractice website, it is also a place for me to network and spread the word and just have some fun.

All my favourite topics will apprear regularly like Web 2.0, skills development and training, ethics, inter-cultural communications, speech and media release writing, pr and many many other topics. I learn about new topics by the day!

I'm going to find interesting bits and pieces all over the place and great links to explore.

OK, I confess. My name is Karen Lotter and I am an info junkie.

The picture - Well Tata Madiba and Ma Winnie (Nelson and Winnie Madikizela Mandela to foreigners) always catch the eye. The Mother of our Nation turned 70 a few days ago and this picture was taken in the early nineties at an Operation Hunger function in Jo'burg by my late mother, Marie Lotter.

So I guess this is a good place as any to begin.