September 22, 2008

New Obama Video: American Prayer

This great song by Dave Stewart and a host of stars is destined to become a new Anthem. Stewart explains why he wrote it: "People long for a connection-- whether it is to music, to their country, or to a big idea. Regardless of what happens in November, Senator Obama has reminded millions of people that they have the power to connect to bigger ideas. He is, in essence, the embodiment of a new anthem for change."

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September 18, 2008

Workshop for Democracy

Captions: Top - DDP's Manju Marimuthu with presenter Martin Challenor, project co-ordinator Pinky Naidoo and Marlan Padayachee of GreenGold Africa Communications, facilitator of the KAS DDP Multiparty Media Workshop for KZN political parties at the Kingfisher Conference Centre, Mount Edgecombe from 9-11 September.

Above: Me - "working the room".

With a general election looming in South Africa, multiparty cooperation and networking (even if it is behind the scenes) is essential.

What is also necessary is that the political parties and their designated players learn to establish better relationships with the media.

The Democracy Delvelopment Programme (DDP) a partner project of the Konrad Adenauer Trust in Germany, has been running multi party programs since the early 90's, "supporting capacity building on governance and civil society levels to ensure that both are empowered for meaningful participation in South Africa’s social transformation"

I recently enjoyed participating in one of these three day workshops through the involvement of my old speechwriting colleague Marlan Padayachee of GreenGold Africa Communications.

September 2, 2008

New Browse - Google Chrome

Is this exciting or not - Google has just released a brand new browser in a pretty saturated market called Google Chrome.

Well actually it launched the beta version of Google Chrome in 100 countries.

Google Chrome has a blog and a comic book that explains it.

So why are they launching Google Chrome? "Because we believe we can add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web."

It all looks very exciting, but you know - I think I'll just stick to Firefox for the meantime.