February 28, 2009

Ronald McDonald as the Joker?

Ronald Mc Donald is a red and yellow clown for a fast food place I don't visit because trans fats freak me out... and I'm vegetarian.

But I came upon this blog of The 20 Most Terrifying Pictures of Ronald Mc Donald Ever, and I thought, come on how weird or scary can that get?

Most clowns are quite scary. They rate right up in the top ten of people's biggest fears, believe it or not. Fear of clowns is called Coulrophobia.

So I look at the first picture on this Ronald Mc Donald post and it is one of Ronald as the Joker. Now I really don't like clowns at all anymore.

February 23, 2009

The Sad Story of Carl Niehaus

Unlike many people, especially those critical of the ruling party, I don't see the story of Carl Niehaus as a sign of "endemic corruption" or a "breakdown of morals" in the ANC.

I know the excited, baying crowds, jumping up and down on the sidelines have been waiting since 1994 to say "We told you so!" (Of course they will deny that they are racists or that they really believe that black majority rule can never work).

They will spew lofty words like democracy and morality and leadership and rule of law. Wonderful, noble and great goals to strive for and exactly the kind of stuff I would love to have in place if I lived in a perfect society.

But I don't.

Do we forget so quickly? We live in South Africa.

It has been a VERY short time in history since we have been a FREE country.

I have Jewish friends who still won't buy a German car and when did the war end? (WW ll)

Does a soldier with post traumatic stress ever not duck and hide when he hears a car backfire? Does a beaten dog ever not cringe when you put out your hand towards it? Does an abused child, when grown, up ever "get over" the trauma?

This generation of South Africans and maybe the next will be too close to the horrors of apartheid - the "Crime against humanity" - to always function in the nicely packaged acceptable Western normal way.

Some escape with less scars, others with more.

We just have to deal with it. And not throw everyone under the bus.

I feel sorry for Carl Niehaus. I wanted to klap him when he went on and on, on TV like this was his last confession. I can only imagine how embarrassing it was for the ANC.

I thought Carl should have got himself a therapist long ago and sorted out his problems. Hopefully we will do so now, and find some peace.

February 22, 2009

Capitalism and Socialism in the New York Times

I'm a lazy blogger, but I've made a late-February resolution to blog more.

That a look at this diagram, it illustrates the words 'socialism' and 'capitalism' appearing in the New York Times as a timepiece visualization. 12:01am is January 1st 1984 and 11:59pm is January 1st 2009. By Jer Thorp of Vancouver, Canada.