March 31, 2008

Free Adobe Photoshop Express Available Online

What great news for people who want their digital photos to look better, Adobe Photoshop Express Available is available for free - an online version that is, where you can upload, polish and store up to 2 GB of photos.

Photoshop Express a beta version released last week, is completely web-based so consumers can use it with any type of computer, operating system and browser. And, once they register, users can get to their accounts from different computers.

Photoshop enters the online photo-management arena many years after such services first appeared. Some companies have already made a big name for themselves, like nine-year-old storage solution Shutterfly, photo-editing service Picnik or image-sharing site Photobucket.

Adobe Photoshop Express even has a selection of galleries to please and enchant the user.

March 26, 2008

How Bloggers Covered Kenya Violence

Within 24 hours of the outbreak of the post election violence in Kenya, Kenyan blogs were posting hour by hour reports. On December 31st there was a complete shutdown of the mainstream mediaKenyan bloggers were the first group of African bloggers to create an online community, first with a webring and later in March 2005 the Kenya Unlimited site was launched. This was at a time when blogging in Africa was in its infancy.

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March 25, 2008

Fax to Email

I read about this on one of my groups - Fax to Email. It sounded self- explanatory but almost too good to be true and I wondered why I hadn't heard of it before, so I had a look.

Overview of Fax to Email

Fax to Email is a leading South African web-based Fax Solutions Company.

What is Fax to Email ?

Fax to Email is a company offering an innovative, cost effective solution to the current and somewhat cumbersome method of receiving and sending faxes. Fax to Email earns revenue through a rebate system from Telkom, for calls made to the allocated numbers which is sufficient for Fax to Email to distribute this fax reception service at no charge to the end user. Fax to Email has changed the way faxes are dealt with by aligning it closer to email than to traditional faxing.

So there you have it - this is just one of the smartest things I've heard - and Fax to Email is Free!

Profile: Dr Henry C Lee - Forensic Scientist and Criminalist

Dr. Henry C Lee is one of the most popular instructors in crime scenes, forensic evidence and criminal investigation in the law enforcement field.Crime Scene Processing - Reconstructing a CrimeA giant in the field of forensic science, Dr. Henry C. Lee has assisted law enforcement agencies in over 6,000 major investigations and cases around the world.Dr. Lee believes that with 40 years of experience, his major area of specialization is putting the case together; reconstructing a crime. He is quoted as saying that the success lies in how you interpret the results

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March 24, 2008

How Much is Your Blog Worth?

My blog is worth $7,903.56.
How much is your blog worth?

How much is your blog worth? Well I guess that's a bit of a strange question to ask because we can never really say.

Do we quantify the value of our blog in the amount of PV's or whether it has won awards or been nominated? But that still doesn't really tell us how much our blog is worth.

Dane Carlson's Business Opportunities Weblog can give your a dollar value!

He has created a little little applet using Technorati's API which computes and displays your blog's worth using the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal.

So if you want to see how much your blog is worth, just type your url into the little box and prepare yourself for the surprise!

March 23, 2008

13 Uselful Email Addresses

I'm becoming a Digg junkie. I have belonged to it for ages, but have only recently started getting involved in the whole Digg community aspect and it is really lots of fun - and and extra stream of information.

Anyway, that' where I saw this article: 13 Email Addresses that can be useful.

Well first of all they're not all email addresses, some are urls and 13 is a strange number, but this little list on 13 Email Addresses that can be useful is worth finding and keeping because it is some really interesting and ... well useful information.

E.G. Useful Email Address No 7

If you have (one or more) PowerPoint Presentations and PDF documents that you quickly want to share with friends, just email the files to Slideshare and they'll instantly turn them into a web slideshow.

Useful Email Address No 10

Google Docs provides a unique email address here - you can upload your documents, spreadsheets and presentations to Google Docs through this address and read them on your mobile phone using the newly launched Google Docs mobile at [Google Docs Upload]

March 19, 2008

Dr Martin Luther King Jnr - 40th Anniversary of his Assassin

40 years ago civil rights leader, Dr Martin Luther King Jnr was assassinated by James Earl Ray at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee.

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March 16, 2008

Formula One 2008 Season Calendar - Two New Street Races - a

As the 2008 Formula One Season kicks off with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne it is time to look at the Calendar - with 18 rounds this year.

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March 13, 2008

Belfast, Northern Ireland Wall Murals

Taking Photographs of Wall Murals in Belfast, Northern IrelandBelfast, Northern Ireland was a wonderful surprise. After a month in Dublin I hired a car and drove up to Belfast where I knew I’d have to try to remember to use pounds instead of Euro for just over a week until I drove back into the Republic via Derry.

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March 10, 2008

Tradepoint South Africa Durban is Launched with a Bang

On 7 March 2008 Tradepoint Durban South Africa (TPSA Durban) became one of the over 100 Trade Points of the World Trade Point Federation all around the world, which will help small businesses to access global markets.

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March 7, 2008

AmaRadio - listen to South African Radio Stations on Broadband

For all those expat South Africans and people who can't just switch on to their favorite South African Radio Station, the launch of internet radio programme - AmaRadio is going to bring great happiness

AmaRadio is a little program which enables you to listen to most of the South African radio stations over your broadband connection! Furthermore...

  • You can download it in under two minutes.
  • It's very stable.
  • It does not depend on any other components.
  • It runs on Windows 98, XP, and Vista.
So, i you sitting there working in the cold northern hemisphere at the moment, open up a little window on you PC and you'll hear the warm sounds or East Coast Radio or the Jozi vibe of 702 Talk Radio on Amaradio.

March 6, 2008

Diakonia Durban Good Friday Easter Service 2008

, a Greek word meaning “service”, is a shared ministry to serve God in suffering people, in the poorest, in those most in need.

Theme: "Who is my Neighbour?"

Human Rights Day and Good Friday combine in Easter Service

In a long-standing tradition established by Diakonia Council of Churches in 1985, the Good Friday Service 2008 will be held at the Durban Exhibition Centre on 21 March commencing at 06h15.

It is a remarkable day as this date also coincides with Human Rights Day, and in keeping with the theme, the guest preacher, Fr Albert Nolan OP, will be preaching on "Who is my Neighbour?".

Over the years the Good Friday Services have become a landmark event in the life of the city and our member churches, with many thousands of people attending and joining in the procession which follows through the streets of Durban and ends at the front steps of the City Hall, with a flowering of the cross.

A gallery of images from the 2007 Good Friday Service.

Camera Phone Pictures Online Instantly

The blurb on the website tells me that Red Zebra Mobile is "the easiest, fastest way to send pictures from your camera-phone to your online gallery."

The best thing is that Red Zebra is free and it requires no software for you to create an online gallery of camera phone pictures that you can share with your friends.

Although the online camera phone picture hosting service is free at Red Zebra they "specialise in feature rich solutions for business, government and organizations who need the full range of features " for which they say they charge a "modest fee".

Why not check Red Zebra Mobile out?